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In general, the home building or renovation process can be divided into the following three steps: Preparation, design, and the final construction process.  In general, you can expect that most full home builds will take approximately 9-12 month. Smaller renovations would of course depend on the project.  As a custom home builder, we can provide you with experience and expertise in the following fields:


Pre-building and Preparation

Preparing to build a custom house involves several separate stages, including developing an overall concept, selecting a building site (whether it be an empty lot or an existing house), and establishing a rough budget for the entire process. We will work through this process with you and assist you in establishing realistic goals.  This will of course include dealing with city approvals, zoning and regulations, and any research needed on these issues.


Design and Plans for the Home

The design process includes all aspects of the new home, including the materials that will be used, the external design,  and the interior architecture. This is an extremely detailed process, requiring the assistance of a skilled architect and design staff.

During this process, the initial concept for the home will be converted into a series of detailed blueprints.  Then, the architect, design team and owner will determine what type of materials will be used, adding a personalized touch to the basic design. 

When this process is completed, the owner and contractor will be able to start the preparations needed to begin construction. In addition, the blueprints will allow both parties to review the home’s design and make any needed changes before construction begins. At this stage, a final estimate of the material and labor costs involved in creating the final product can also be established.



The construction phase will involve taking the blueprints and converting them into reality. At this point, the materials will be ordered and the contractors will start to build the house. Construction involves a number of steps, including preparing the ground for construction, obtaining any needed permits and the final construction of the home itself.

During the construction of the house, the owner will be in constant contact with his or her contractors. Any unexpected costs or building issues will be brought to the owner’s attention so that the issues may be quickly addressed. Finally, upon completion of the home, the owner, architect and the other contractors will conduct an inspection of the home to ensure that it has been completed to the owner’s satisfaction.

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